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Convenient Hours

Our Spokane veterinary office is open weekdays from 8 am – 5:30 pm. Closed weekends.

Easy Appointments

With our hours, location off I-90 and loving team members, we make it easy for you to bring in your loved one.

Common Dental Questions

Why do pets need dental care?

Just like humans, many canine and feline issues start in the mouth. Plaque, tartar, periodontal disease, and infected teeth can serve as a source of inflammation and infection for the rest of the body.

Dental disease is one of the most common issues with dogs and cats. It can cause drooling, swelling, bad breath, reluctance to eat, redness of the gums, tooth discoloration, and tooth loosening/loss. Dental issues and dental related diseases can easily be prevented or mitigated by visiting the veterinarian regularly for dental examinations and cleanings.

Does my pet really need anesthesia for a dental cleaning?

The short answer is YES! Dental scaling and polishing done while under anesthesia is far more effective and less stressful to your pet than anesthesia free dentistry. Unfortunately, pets don’t understand the need to sit still and say “AHHHH” for the dentist. A complete anesthetic dental procedure allows the Veterinarian and staff a chance to properly assess the health of each individual tooth, evaluate gum tissue, examine for any oral tumors or foreign material, scale plaque and tartar below the gumline, and polish all teeth to help reduce future plaque and tartar build up.

We do not offer anesthesia free dental procedures and encourage owners to read the facts and risks associated with non-anesthetic dentals.

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